Tahlia Paris in Time for Romance


Happy November! We’ve got a sweet treat in store for you with your Cybergirl of the Year, Tahlia Paris’ new set for this month. To no one’s surprise but her own, this beautiful blonde has a secret admirer, and it’s easy to see why with just one look at her. On set with photographer, Holly Randall in a gorgeous modern bedroom, Tahlia walks along to her bed, only to find a dozen red roses and a box of chocolates — but no note. Ready to really be romanced, Miss Paris is wearing all black lingerie made of lace and tall heels to go along with her thigh-high stockings. Just like the rose petals, watch in pure lust as this one-of-a-kind Cybergirl drops pieces of her outfit to the floor until all she’s left in, is a garter belt and her sheer stockings.