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Cybergirl Lexi Marlow is a little bit rock n’ roll in this hot set from photographer Jose Luis. Tall, blonde and delightfully busty, Lexi is one of Texas’s very finest, and she’s making herself right at home in a tight black T-shirt and panties. “My Southern charm is what makes me ‘me’,” she says. “I’m a huge country music fan, and I’m a big homebody. If I’m hanging with my friends, it’s at home – we watch movies and play board games. Pretty low-key.” Lexi is definitely the kind of girl you’d want to take home, to meet the parents or otherwise – and lucky for you, that’s right where she wants you. “On Valentine’s Day, get me something from Victoria’s Secret,” she says, “and I’ll meet you at the door with a grilled cheese sandwich and no clothes on!”