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Channeling all the elements, stunning Playboy Muse, Alice Antoinette plays the fortune teller of your dreams in this spooky, yet totally sexy pictorial. Dressed in her best, Alice plays this role just perfectly as the producer, Liz Stewart captures all her enchanting beauty pose by pose. Urging you to come in and not be shy, Alice sits on her red velvet lounge chair gazing deeply into the camera. “I’m still afraid of the Bogeyman,” admits Alice, laughing as she gets into position for the next shot. “Sometimes I’ll wake up in the middle of the night after a nightmare and look over at my closet just to be sure no one is staring back at me!” Heading over to her crystal ball, she begins to remove pieces of her costume to reveal her lovely, all natural figure. When it comes to guys and relationships, Alice is looking for someone sure of himself. “A man’s confidence in himself turns me on the most — not to be confused with arrogance in one’s self, which turns me off the most,” she says thoughtfully. For romance and first dates, she’s pretty low maintenance as long as it feels right. “A perfect first date would be stress-free, with tasty food and lovely scenery,” she says. “I like if we both effortlessly think that the same topics are interesting, and I like if we can hold a meaningful conversation.” Wondering if Alice Antoinette is in your future? Only the crystal ball knows, right here, on Playboy